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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 16, 2018 10:00am-11:01am PST

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felt that also. people were passion on many sides of the discussion. over the course of the last month as i have talked with people and residents across the city of san francisco, those emotions have come through. what i will say, i will be mayor for every single san francisco resident. my focus and job as mayor is to represent everybody in the city of san francisco. no matter what their race, ethnicity, religion. my job is to represent everybody and i will do that over the next half year. >> thank you everybody. >> what is [roll call]
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we do have a quorum. item number two, general public comment. this item is to all members of the public to address the treasure island development authority board on matters that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the authority board and that do not appear on today's agenda. in addition to general public comments, public comment will be held during each item on the agenda. members of the public may address the board for up to three minutes. you will hear a single chime when there are 30 seconds remaining. prior to making your comments, please state your name and the o you are representing, if any, for the record. >> is there anybody in the audience that would like add to dress the board on items that are not on the agenda? ok. seeing none. >> item number three, report by
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treasure island director. >> thank you, chair and members of the board. i'd like to begin my report today by asking sherry williams come up and make an announcement. >> good afternoon, commissioners. for the record, i am sherry williams, the executive director of 1 treasure island. [applause] whoo hoo! [laughter] we -- after 24 years, the treasure island homeless development initiative was an awesome and great name and served us very well. it served thousands of formerly homeless people, hundreds of low-income people have gotten jobs on the island and so forth. as the island is about to start with major redevelopment, we'll be building a new san francisco neighbourhood from the ground up. and we really want our name to
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reflect our mission of building a new -- a thriving and inclusive san francisco neighbourhood that includes everyone. our focus will still be on low income and those folks and those who have experienced homelessness. but we'll be very intentional in trying to create a new san francisco neighbourhood where everyone is welcomed and everyone can thrive. and i think to that, we have a video that we're going to share with you. and i do have postcards as well announcing our name change. and there are postcards here for the public also. [inaudible]. but the commissioners might have to come around this way. >> we have it on the tv. >> ok. never mind. >> thank you. >> [inaudible].
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>> because my church is here. i got married on treasure island. this is the best place to be to raise any family. not just mine. but more families need to come. >> we have great things planned for the development of treasure island and the treasure island t hi, di has been part of the process for conceiving and developing that vision since its inception. >> thidi has been a great advocate both for the existing community here on treasure
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island as well as being a key partner in planning for the development of the affordable housing that we'll be building. >> our business is about people. and this is an opportunity to give some good folks who might not have had an opportunity before to have a career in something where they can earn significant union wages. this programme that thidi is doing is incredibly important and relevant. >> shipshape. before i was putting an effort to doing drugs and now i'm putting effort into finding a job. thidi taught me how to get a bank account, interviews. they taught me computer skills that i never knew that i had. now i can get on the computer and do anything. >> this next project we're doing is groundbreaking. it has not been done before. this is a pilot programme that, i'm not going to say "if" we
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pull it off, but when we pull it off with t -- thidi will be a model for the rest of the country. >> treasure island is seeking to new levels of sustainability and economic opportunity. 8,000 new homes will be on an island with spectacular views of the water. half of the land will be public parks with tonnes of programming for people from all over san francisco and all types and income levels. in partnership with 1 treasure island, we're commited to providing opportunities for low-income residents in san francisco to participate in treasure island. >> through the job broker programme, they will be helping place people in the construction phase during the development of activities, and also into the businesses that arise out of the development programme. >> we're all working as a team to create this new san francisco neighbourhood where everyone is welcomed and there
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are opportunities for all. >> this is one of reasons why i'm doing this because they have given me the strength to be a better parent. they gave me the tools to be a better parent. >> come on in and join us. thank you. >> 1 treasure island. where community connects. >> 1 treasure island. >> 1 treasure island. >> 1 treasure island where community connects. >> many community connects. >> where community connects. >> 1 treasure island, [speaking in spanish]. >> where a community connects. >> where community connects. >> 1 treasure island where community connects. ♪
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>> so, like we have for over 20 years -- wow. how do you stop that? >> we have to see it twice. [coughing] >> thank you, kate. >> like we have for over 20 years as the treasure island homeless initiative, as 1 treasure island, we look forward to working with the development authority for us all to implement this inclues k*if vision we have for the future of treasure island. thank you. >> thank you, sherry. >> thank you, sherry. [applause] >> seems like the same organization, but new name. [laughter] >> and for people in the audience who are watching at home, sherry mentioned that thidi has been work on this programme for 24 years and sherry williams has been at the
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helm of one treasure island through that entire time. so, a major part of the planning for the future of the island. le thats last months, mercy opened at 9th and avenue de palms and i'd like to invite mison boyce to say a few word on their successful and well-received opening. >> thank you, madame adviser, bob beck and toronto board members. hi. mison boyce with mercy restaurant. i'm happy to finally stand before you and actually say we're open. we've been open since martin luther king jr. day and we have been overwhelming and -- overwhelmingly busy and incredibly happy about that. but certainly has its challenges as well.
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i can't thank bob beck and tida, the board of supervisors and his team of jack and dan and everyone that's been involved and in particular support by, of course, we all know sherry williams from one treasure island. yay. and for their support in terms of helping us commit -- the commitment to employment. currently, we employ 15 employees and of the 15 employees, nine of them are treasure island residents. it's lovely. they just walk over and so they can't tell us that they're late because of the traffic. [laughter] so, that's very helpful, actually. and then we have mike bartel who's also part of the veteran programme and he is our number one employee, first employee and we call him ambassador. and then we also employ three
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team members from the job corps programme as well and then we values suzann who helped us with the placement programme and we're consistently looking for -- we are growing and are looking for more people and so we work very closely with sherry and her team and once we have opened and have our feet solid on the ground, then we hope to implement in a few months the training programme with one treasure island. i did share a brief look at our men -- menu. my partner has brought his kind of passion -- culinary passion for seasonality to the menu. we balance his toosing try to keep everything fresh and natural and seasonal and try to keep the price points that we balance ourselves between
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trying to serve the community and keeping that price point affordable. as well as obviously the elevating the food experience to the communities, from the city of san francisco, foodies that the city so well known for. and so i won't bore you with all the wonderful details. we're currently only serving breakfast and dinner until we get our chefs and cooks lined up so they can consistently prepare the food items and we have only been open two and a half weeks. so we will get them ready and then overwhelm them with breakfast. we wanted to thank you for your support, for your patience and i know i speak for my partner and our team that we're proud to serve the community of treasure island. thank you. >> i'd like to say congratulations for opening the mercy restaurant. it's absolutely great.
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i was there with a group yesterday and the food is delicious. it's a wonderful setting. using recycled containers which have been repurposed for this -- for the restaurant and with an incredible view of the water as well. so, everybody should go down and try it. thank you. yes, mike. >> i don't know if this is the appropriate time, but i would also like to second your chair's delight in this restaurant. it really is good, beautiful -- just, you know, couldn't have been a better position. and it's right across from the dog park, which is really handy. [laughter] i can order something, walk my dog and then pick something up. and i've been there a few times and i really encourage every director to get down to that restaurant and, of course, we
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have another restaurant there that is also awesome and that is aricelli. so, we're really blessed to have on this small island, less than a square mile of space, to have two really, really good restaurants. i mean, you know, i guess i'm -- i'm not a gourmet. but i do know what i like. and i like both of those. i think, you know, we're just blessed on the island and these are really destination restaurants. people should come from the city or from oakland. they're really worth while. so, thank you. >> yes. i want to echo commissioner tsen and dunlop, it is fantastic and i think i need to have a table there named after me. [laughter] because it is great. today this is what treasure island is all about. we saw sherry williams leading
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the one treasure island and then we see you out at the restaurant, which is a partner in diversity, that video and everything. i am really delighted. i think we've come to a point in the history of treasure island that we can really showcase. and what i want to do and ask sherry williams and bob beck and the museum, all these great pictures and video. we need to load them up somewhere and redo our website. so, this is fantastic. i always look at this picture here that has been displayed on the screen. simply like that all to be central for treasure island. so, congratulations to you. and on your menu, indicate your hours. i know you're opening now for breakfast and dinner. it would be great to have that in there to pass that on to folks so they can know. thank you. >> ok.
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in addition to the arts master plan that we've had quite a bit of conversation here at the tida board, tida staff and san francisco art commission have also been working with an artist, tom laughlin, who was successful in applying to cal-trans to be one of the candidates to use the reclaimed steel from the demolition of the eastern span of the bay bridge and he has a temporary art work that he is proposing for the island and will probably be bringing that to you in the near future in terms of an exhibition permit. but i wanted to invite tom to say a few words about his piece and turn it over to tom. >> thank you, bob. i could probably use a little assistance with the technology. [laughter] i'm a mac person so i can't use an actual computer.
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[laughter] thank you, sir. as bob mentioned, i'm here as an artist that's part of a team that includes the san francisco arts commission, tida, of course, the oakland museum, cal-trans ands a cast of dozens, if not hundreds. i particularly want to acknowledge jill and richard who are here today. so, as bob mentioned, the piece is going to be fabricated from steel from the old east span of the bay bridge. the name of the piece is signal. where it will be situated, i hope that it will be the next new amenity at the corner of 9th and avenue of the palms. it is kiddie corner from where mercy is now. it is in an up developed wall between the sea wall and pedestrian/bike path there. the piece itself will be 36 tonnes of steel. it will be -- the intention is for it to be unmonumental and
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unimposing for people. it will be just b.e.a.serly elevated above the ground and low enough that people feel free to approach it and interact with it. the piece has, in addition to the steel gurders that i think you can see, it has a light. these elements are from the top of the bay bridge spans so we're taking these 12-ton gurdsers and cutting them into wedges and turning them into a ring. here you can see an overhead view of the piece to give you a sense of the shape of it. how it's sort of like a inflated stop sign on its side. and here's an elevation that will give you some sense of a scale of the piece. and it's -- my intention as an artist is for it to be slightly larger than human scale. it feels a teeny bit imposing yet approachable. and for the rhythm of the light and there is a small sound elements, the piece will
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lightly vibrate like a large tuning fork. it will be barely audible but you'll feel it if you make contact with the piece. for those repeating rhythms to think about the intersection of ours own human rhythms of the heartbeat and breath and the ebb and flow of human traffic in the bay area and i just couldn't be more excited about the venue because treasure island is the centre point and there's such a beautiful vista from that spot on the west side of the island. you can see both span the bay bridge and, of course, downtown san francisco, alcatraz, the headland and on and on and on. i'm really excite about the opportunity. i think we plan to formally ask you for permission in a later meeting. but bob and peter some you areville and others had suggested that we come and let you know about the piece today. i brought with me some pamphlets that include further information about the piece that i'd like to share with you guys if that's all right. thank you.
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does anybody have any questions? >> will people be able to climb and children climb on the piece itself or is it meant to be touched? >> the intention is for people to observe it, to touch it. if they want. i don't view it as a thing to be -- to be climbed on. yeah. >> then my question would be how do you prevent people from climbing on it, since it is low enough for that to occur and that may be the natural inclination. >> yeah, of course. let me be clear. it's sort of like the purpose of the sea wall is to protect the island from the ocean. but, of course, people also climb on the sea wall. i think the sculpture is probably going to function in the same sort of way. it's there to be a visual item with a small audio and light component it to as well. it's entirely possible that people will climb on it.
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but that is not the purpose of it. >> well, i think staff certainly should review it. a question came up, which is very interest. when we were looking -- talking about artwork on the parkside. and that is the weight of the sculpture and especially if it's 36 tonnes, what that does to you technically to the fill that is there. and i don't know if you've consulted engineers on this or not. >> yeah. you'll see in the booklet that i just handed out, you can see our engineering plans. the short toons your question is, yes, i've been working with an engineer and we understand the loads that are permissible on the soil and we designed concrete bases well within the safety margin for the weight of the piece. thank you. >> any other questions? >> just a quick question.
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the key, the light and how -- what kind of lighting are you going to be? that lighting should be visible when you enter the island. i think that location that you are thinking about putting it in is great, it's central. so the lamp for that lighting there, how is it going to be? and what kind of lighting are you thinking about? >> yeah. my -- my inclination is for it to be a soft -- let me put it this way. not a light that illuminates the whole area. but, of course, if you turn and look at it, you'll see it. we're lucky to have the actual original glass from the top of the bridge and so it's a lighthouse lens that focuses the beam so it will actually project sort of horizontally at a fairly long distance relative to its overall illumination so it won't be tremendously bright in the area, but it is entirely possible, for instance, from
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the embarkadero might be visible depending on how bright we decide to make it. >> ok. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, directors. continuing with my report. the end of the month on two weeks from today on the 28th, in the evening, we'll be having a community meeting at the shipshape at 6:30. captain daryl fong from southern stations will come and visit the island and have a meet and greet conversation with residents followed by a discussion with supervisor kim's staff about budget needs for next year for the island. and then those would be potential things that the board of supervisor's budget would address in addition to our budget. the flea market returned in january. they've rebranded, as the treasure island fest. we grew record crowds last month. so much so that it added impact
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on traffic on the bay bridge. so, jack nathanson and rich have been working withs the fest sponsors and they've developed a new -- they have brought on a traffic consultant and have a new traffic plan for the february flea with robust traffic management plan and additional staffing to direct traffic. so, we'll continue to monitor that situation. the treasure island market and deli re-opened in its new location in the basement of building 1. and alsos the treasure island parent's council and ymca are scheduled to have a black history month celebration on saturday, the 24th, at the treasure island gym, open to all residents and they'll have food, games and live entertainment. the p.u.c. is continuing to install new street light poles
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and additional lighting along avenue h between california and 8th and 9th. with the upcoming closure of avenue of the palms, we wanted to increase and improve some of the lighting along avenue h, which will become the main thorough fare in and out of the north island. someone from tida staff has been doing a lot of work over the last month or so to make information available to residents about summer youth employment programmes throughout the city, coordinating with the p.u.c.'s project pole whose application deadline is february 26. but also about the upcoming career resource and employment fair that will be held on march 17.
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the stewardship programme has installed a native plant demonstration garden at the corner of 13th and e next to the playground. so there is a variety of native plants from the island that have been planted there for people to take notice of. one item that is on the consent agenda today is the agreement to extend the loan of the -- one of the murals to the deyoung museum. and what i saw on the consent calendar, i did want to make public comment that deyoung has notified us that they plan to redo that hall in the course of the next years and so this will be the last year they will be extending that agreement. if members of the public want to see one of those murals on display, it would be a good time to visit deyoung. also on the regular agenda today, i'll speak more about it later, we did have the open
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house on the relocation with our relocation consultants on january 20. which is very well-attend and i'll speak more to that later. also, ccdc, china town community development have initiate add preapplication dialogue with the planning department on our first affordable housing project. on the arts master plan, we anticipate that to receive proposals in march, march 19, we'll be working with jill maden from the arts commission to plan to display those pieces when they come in both here on treasure island and in the city. in terms of project approvals, we are working to finalize the public improvement agreements and conditions of approval for the y.b.i. final map to get that to the board of supervisors this months and continue to pursue our schedule
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with public works and other city agencies to bring the final treasure island initial subsidies map to the board of supervisors in april. the public utilities commission has awarded their design contract to the waste water treatment plant. and we have been working to relocate commercial tenants from the vicinity of the new plant to have all of those buildings vacated and abatement completed by the end of june. ticd is planning its next subphase application for -- to be submitted to us this summer. and we executed the right of entry agreement with department of labour approved at the last meeting and continue working with them on temporary and permanent easements. to have access on and around job corps property. our next land transfer from the
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navy, we're preparing legal descriptions for it. but the schedule for closing on that transfer may be impacted by our need to comply with sb-50, which was passed by the legislature last fall. sb-50 was drafted in response to concerns that the federal government might shrink the size of some national monuments and national parks and seek to dispose of that land. but our federal land transfer of the navy also got caught in that legislation. it just requires that we co-ordinate with state lands commission before recording a deed on property transfered from the navy. but we'll be working with them on that. it will likely mean that we need to take something to their commission in april. at their april meeting.
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on the construction project, ticd moved their community meeting to next wednesday, rather than holding it on valentine's day. and we expect a larger turnout next week's meeting because there will be a lot of visible work beginning in the coming weeks. so, on this friday, they'll be paving a new pathway from the parking lot in front of building one to the marina and the market that's on the south side of building one. also on tuesday, they will be putting fence up around the former location of the location of the front gate and the demolition of that structure will be largely completed by the end of next week. also on wednesday of next week, we anticipate that the access to [inaudible] will be closed off as they start to prepare for the geotechnical work and temporary water main on that side of the building.
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and beginning also on tuesday t two bus stops closest to building one are going to be relocated to california and avenue d in advance of lane changes in front of building one. and then beginning in march, there'll be additional fencing along the -- right outside of the front gate where the current vista point is and we'll be having signage daily bread food banksinginging people to the remaining portion of the avenue of the great lawn at avenue palms and 9th as the place where we would like people coming to the island to take photographs or view the city skyline. that is going to be our preferred destination for visitors to the island and we'll be providing additional signage to direct them there. with that, i conclude my report for next month. >> any questions? yes?
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>> just a quick question. what time did you see that the ticd meeting was? >> i believe it's 6:00 to 7:00. on the island. add that to shipshape. yes. that will be next week. >> thank you. >> and then the meeting on the 28th was beginning at 6:30. >> and bob, would you remind the public because there is a lot of construction activity going on, which is great. we're all supportive of it. but where do people go to get information on what is happen on the island, especially with vehicles coming in and out? >> yeah. people combing on to the island, we do have ticd has set variable message boards providing some information and we'll be providing some actual additional signage to help direct people to the commercial businesss in other locations on the island.
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but a good place for current information on the website is on the tida website. there is a banner menu across the top of the screen. one of the tabs there is construction. and our latest construction announcements and notices will all be posted there. >> thank you. good. any other questions in? none. next item, please. >> item number four, communication from and received by tida. >> next item? >> item number five, ongoing business by board of directors. >> are there any? hearing none, number six. >> item number six, consent agenda. all matters listed hereunder constitute a con sent agenda are considered to be routine by the authority board and will be acted upon by a sing vote of the authority board.
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there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the authority board so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the con sent algds da and considered as a separate item. 6a, approving the minutes of the january 10, 2018 meeting. 6b, resolution retroactively approving and authorizing the execution of a first amendment to the amended and restated base closure and homeless assistance agreement between the treasure island development authority and one treasure island. 6c, authorizings the treasure island director to execute an eighth extension to the loan agreement with the fine arts museums of san francisco for the temporary loan of the miguel covarrubias mural. 6d, resolution authorizing the treasure island director to execute a fourth amendment to the agreement between the treasure island development authority and langan engineering for environmental engineering consulting and oversight of the navy
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remediation for the treasure island/yerba buena island development project extending the term throughout december 31, 2022. >> so moved. >> second. >> this is action item. any questions? hearing none, what is the fate of the board? all those in favour say aye? >> aye. >> all those opposed? the ayes have it. >> item number seven, resolution approving and endorsing a term sheet for a 66-year lease agreement between the treasure island development authority and treasure island museum association incorporated a california nonprofit corporation for operation of the etch treasure island museum. >> good afternoon, madame chairman, members. we're requesting approval of the term sheet for a 66-year lease agreement with the treasure island museum association for the operation of the treasure island museum where san franciscans can learn
10:36 am
about the history of treasure and yerba buena islands. since 2007, we lease a portion for office space, museum display, storage and cure rating as well as conducting several educational programmes to the general public. the premises consists of approximately 160 square feet of display space located on the ground floor and approximately 1545 square feet of storage space located in the basement of the administration building. tima needs to invest in its facilities and security in knowing it will be able to remain on the premises for an extended period of time in order to attract donors for its operations and improvements needed for its goals. tima and project staff have negotiated a term sheet with a 66-year lease, the proposed term sheet allows tima to develop and manage the treasure island museum which, in its new
10:37 am
location, can be consistent of 3500 to 4,000 square feet of exhibit space located on the ground floor of the administration building, with an entrance off the lobby and approximately 2,000 to 4,000 square feet of back of the house storage space for storage, exhibit preparation and other items and that will be located in the basement of the administration building. tima proposes to make certain improvements to building one, which will occur in several phases, commencing its first phase within two years, following lease commencement. the proposed lease will be provided to tenant at no-base rent. upon endorsement of the term sheet, tida and tima will work together to negotiate the proposed lease. the lease will be subject to prior approval of the authority board as well as city board -- the city's board of supervisors following any required environmental review. with that, i'd like to ask the
10:38 am
executive director of the treasure island museum association to come up and say a few words about the project. >> thank you, rich. president tsen, directors. i want to thank your board for consideration of this term sheet and for all the support and encouragment that you've given us over the little more than 10-years that we've been back in building one. i'd also like to thank rich for all the work he did to move this item to your agenda and i'd like to thank rich jack, bob beck, peter sommerville and all your staff members for all the help they've given us the over the last 10 years.
10:39 am
i think i should also mention some of our island partners that we collaborated with in that time volunteers from south to job shares, some help with our galleries in island creative. and we haven't collaborated with mercy yet, but we went over there after our last lecture for lunch and it was fantastic. and you'll be hearing from us about a collaboration. [laughter] when i spoke to you in november, i told you who -- what cohorts we were looking at to serve with the museum. what results we wanted to produce for each of those groups and how we were going to do it. what i didn't talk about was why. and i remembered this morning, better late than never, about a year ago nate levine, our board
10:40 am
development consultant told us they won't forgive you for what you're doing, but why you're doing it. so, today i'd like to talk about why. i've been on the board of the museum for 20 years and we have four board members who have been on longer than i have. now the stories of the island draws to the island. and then we get hooked and it is not just the stories that hook us and keep us involved for decades. there is a deeper meaning on treasure island and we knew it in our hearts. but now that we go out to the sfi in the bay area and tell them why they should help make this museum a reality, we have to move the reasons from our hearts to our tongues. let me give you an example of what we see in the island.
10:41 am
and i'll do that by inviting you to come to the lecture a week from saturday in our island-big ideas series. whoops. i'm getting ahead of myself. i always do this. the lecture is called from the magic city to the magic kingdom. and -- ok. why does it do that? let's try this. ok. the lecture is called from the magic city to the magic kingdom. mm. is it on auto or am i doing something wrong? >> i want to go back and it is automatically scrolling forward every five seconds.
10:42 am
ok. the lecture is about walt disney who visited the golden gate international exposition and -- this is not working. and he was inspired -- here. maybe you can figure it out. ok. walt disney visited the ggie and he was inspired by the innovations that he saw there. around if he had not visited the ggie, disneyland might well never have happened. in other words, before there was fantasiland and
10:43 am
tomorrowland, there was treasure i-land. [laughter] and this is one example of the kind of innovation that we see throughout treasure island's history and that is really our themes is innovation. now san francisco is known -- we're not a great financial city. we're not the capital of the state or the biggest city even in the bay area. but san francisco in the bay area is known as a hub of innovation. that is the hallmark. and today's bay area sparkles with innovation. but before half a century before apple, google and sales force and into the future of, you know p from the construction of the island and the bridges, the fare, the pan am clippers, from the art in action exhibition at the ggie
10:44 am
to the treasure island arts master plan, let's go back. yeah. i think i know what it is. and then forward to the sustainable redevelopment of the island as a model of sustainable, urban living. treasure island is a reflection of the bay area as a driver of change. and its continuing legacy of innovation. so, san francisco and the bay area need the treasure island museum. to preserve our heritage of innovation, to inform visitors and island residents, visitors from the area and all around the world, about our stories. and inspire new generations. with our spirit of innovation. and that is what the treasure island museum aims to do. preserve, in fact, and inspire. thank you for your
10:45 am
consideration of the term sheet and for all your support. >> with that, we're here to answer any questions that you may have. >> ok. board members? >> yes. >> this is great. and thank you for the museum. you've been committed. we see you here all the time and this is an easy one for me and i'm only one vote here and i'll make a notion approve. >> any other questions from the board? yes? mark? >> more of a comment. i love history and i'm a history buff. [inaudible]. at how little i knew about the history of [inaudible]. two islands and -- thank you. the importance that they have played in the development of san francisco. you know, supplying mainland with goats and all sorts of wonderful things.
10:46 am
of course, the flower, the yerba buena itself, it is just fascinating. and i mentioned before i had a great aunt who actually went to the '39 fair and she always brought back all these great tales of san francisco and i think that's how i somehow ended up here. but it's just a wonderful place. there's so much there. so much history. and so i -- yeah. 66 years. that's great. i'm sure in 66 year, we'll be redoing it. thank you. >> yes. i'll second the motion. yes. >> any other questions or comments? before we act, i would like to open it up to the public. if there is any comments or questions from the public, please come forward now. ok. hearing none, let me just say i
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want to also thank the members of the treasure island museum board for all that you've done and it's so important for us to preserve that rich history at treasure island. and i'm very glad to see that you are, at this point, coming to us for that lease and we certainly understand that you need that length of lease in order to be able to secure the financing. so, it's before the board. all those in favour say aye? >> aye. >> all those opposed? the ayes have it. next item. >> them number eight, resolution approving and authorizing the execution of a second amendment to the professional services agreement between the treasure island development authority and one treasure island to increase the annual scope of services and not to exceed contract amount for fiscal year 2017-2018. >> good afternoon. again, we come seeking your
10:48 am
approval of the second amendment with one fraesh island, former the treasure island homeless development initiative, not to exceed contract amount for fiscal year 17-18. on june 14, 2017, the authority board approved the professional services agreement with thidi, one treasure island to co-ordinate training and employment opportunities. on september 13, 2017, the authority board approved the first amendment to a professional services agreement, which commenced on october 1, 2007 team to increase the endoscope of services to include additional funding for the pilot construction training programme. we went from $300,000 to $le00,000 for the pupser of expanding the scope, to add a second building to be removed and two, providing hazmat
10:49 am
abatement and removal of this these buildings and the buildings were buildings 40 and 107. and lastly, developing a hazmat abatement scope of service for eight additional properties. those include buildings 215, 216, 257, 261b, 330, 450, 670 and 671. as the authority would like to demolish a majority if not all of these buildings in the future. either the proposed contract of the second amendment that we're bringing today, project staff and one treasure island, i would like to increase the annual scope of services from $800,000 to $2.4 million for the purposes of expanding the skoem of work under this pilot construction training programme. and here we would like to move forward with remediating the hazardous materials within
10:50 am
buildings 215, 216, 257, and 330 in preparation for demolition of these buildings. treasure island community development, ticd, will then be responsible for demolition of buildings 215, 216 and 330 and affordable self-storage will be responsible for demolition of building 257. again, what this programme is doing is remediating these properties and then the developer is left to remove the -- some of the structures and we also have a new tenant that is willing to remove building 257. funding for the expanded scope of service will be taken from authorities existing facilities maintenance account and prior year fund balance. pronltz staff has also negotiated and will present later to you a lease with affordable storage, which will commence on june 1, 2018 for approximately 185,000 square feet of space, created by
10:51 am
demolishing building 257 and the rent for that land will be $35,000 per month. with that, i'd like to ask sherry williams from one treasure island to come up and talk a little bit about the programme. and i believe we have some folks from eco bay as well here as well. >> thank you, rich. good afternoon again. this project, the first one t pilot that you all approved was tremendously successful and it is really, truly embodies this vision of the community t private partners and the public working together for the public good. we're getting rid of these eyesore buildings that represent truly a nuisance to the community. we are providing jobs and job training for people with barriers to employment and creating spaces that will eventually be reused for a
10:52 am
better and much healthier purpose and so i'm going to invite the one treasure island director of programmes who is going to share some of the results of the first pilot that you all approved. commissioner richardson attended the graduation as did director beck. but he can share some of that. and then echobay, which has been an extraordinary private partner who is really going above and beyond in terms of the training component and the hiring component is also here to talk about their role and we also have a graduate from one of the first programme that will also be speaking. >> good afternoon. i'm with one treasure island. i'd like the share with you some of the results from our
10:53 am
first training cycle. the first training cycle, we had 35 folks who have expressed an interest and we were able to enroll 15 of them. of the 15 of them, 75% of them graduated from the programme, which is 11. of the 11, 75% also got employed by echobay. and so that is about eight of them that got employed by echobay. the other three didn't get employed because they didn't pass the drug tests. however, we continuously work with them and work with in collaboration with city bill and refer them to other jobs so they did get other placement and other construction jobs. of the eight that were hired by echobay, 90%, which is seven of them, is still currently employed with echobay after 90 days. so, those are some of the datas
10:54 am
with regards to the first training cycles. also i'll speak about why the programme has been so successful. sherry had mentioned earlier this is a fantastic community, public-private partnership. they have a social mission to their business and that is they wanted to make sure that they provide opportunities for the disadvantaged folks to be able to turn their life around and to be able to build financial security for themselves and their families. because of that mission, they were actively engaged in the training of the programme and the first training of the programme and they were also actively engaged with the development of the programme. the other reason why the programme has been so successful is because echobay
10:55 am
made a commitment to hire the graduates upon successful training -- when they successfully complete the training along with passing the training test. so, there is a lot of training programmes out there. but you don't necessarily hear that there is employers that have made a commitment to actually hire directly from the programme and people who successfully completed the training programme. we had learned -- our training programme, we don't want it to be solely about training. we want it to be about working with the families and the individuals to help them build long-term financial security. because of that, we have integrated our training programme with the financial xloep of it. we needed to communicate that message from the very git-go so
10:56 am
we change our or yen -- orientation to make sure we communicate that message up front to the clients and understanding that they're not just participating in a training programme. and because of that, this past month, our orientations, we've been hosting it every wednesday. we have seen greater take-up of our financial coaching services. along with the job readiness training workshops. prior to the next cycle starting in march. the other lesson we learned is that in working with echobay, we needed to do a better screening and assessment of the clients. we had then instituted a physical assessment along with a paper screening assessment and the third piece of
10:57 am
assessment that we newly instituted was a tape assessment to account for the client's language, reading and math level. because they needed to at least have 8th grade reading and math level in order to function in the training programme. and then the other lesson that we had learned that during the first cycle, we had some clients, some trainees who had disputed whether or not they came on time and so forth. so we instituted an attendance policy along with a good standing participation policy to mitigate future disputes around those issues. and lastly, we modified our math training curriculum to be more reflexive of what the construction industry math looks like. so, those were some of the lessons that we learned. so i'm going to turn it over to
10:58 am
echobay, our partner. who's going to say a few words from echobay about the partnership. >> good afternoon. i'm dalen rice from ecobay services. first of all i'd like to express out grateful we are to have the opportunity to participate in a programme like this. alex, sherry, they've all done an incredible job. not just with connecting us with these individual, but i'm also preparing them in advance and helping to set the proper expectations before hand. to be honest, this group of new hires that came in, they're probably more prepared than any other class that we've had in the past. so i think that attests to the level of work that they area doing over there. of course we really appreciate them. as far as the success we've seen from this programme,
10:59 am
honestly from our shoe, we feel like it has been a complete success in every aspect. the new hires in the first training class have definitely exceeded our expectations and they have quickly become valuable members of our team. of all the people that we hired in the first class, we've been able to retain most of them. to kind of give you an idea, we work with a lot of different local hire groups and having over 50% retention rate is unheard of from our experience and we've been able to keep most of them on. and that's allowed us to give them more development tunltzes, not just on public staff, but staffing them on private jobs as well. i also want to say that participating in a programme where the government and the nonprofit organization come together to, you know, clear a path to success for these people has really been a humbling experience for us.
11:00 am
i'm watching these people develop from where they were when they came in to where they are now and crossing off some of the personal goals they have set for themselves. it is something we've been proud to be a part of. so, we're looking to get involved in the programme in different ways. the culture we have in ecobay from the president, vice president all the way down the line, dwroun, any opportunity we have to contribute to -- back to the community, we definitely try to take advantage of that. our goal is the next group of trainees that are coming in, we are planning to be more involved in the selection process to try to help find individuals to bring into the programme. and the group that came in the first time we paired up with the group that's coming in so we can establish a mentor programme. we think that this


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